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In the searchbox above enter key words that you would like to find on NZ Web pages. Use quotes around words that normally appear to each other or phrases, for example try this search for "Hutt Valley High School".

You can also use + and - to make sure words exist or do not exist in NZ web pages
e.g. +High +School -"Hutt Valley" would search for the two words High and School but not show any results containing the words Hutt Valley. In this example you may want to simplify this to use quotes +"High School" -Hutt

Search Engines vs Web Directories

Both Web Directories and Search Engines have an important place to help you find the websites you are looking for. NZCity provides the best of both technologies with our two sites; the SearchNZ Search Engine and NZSearch Web Directory, two different tools for different purposes.

The SearchNZ Search Engine comes into play when the information you are looking for may be only a part of a Web site. For example if you were looking for more specific information, such as information about the Kiwi Rugby League player Stacey Jones you would be better to use SearchNZ (Try it!). Since there are very few websites entirely devoted to Stacey Jones, but there are many sites that have pages or sections that have information on Stacey Jones. SearchNZ indexes pages all around the NZ Web and makes all the text available for you to search.

The NZSearch Web Directory is great for finding Kiwi Web sites where the topic you are looking for is likely to be the major part of the website. For example if you are looking for a site about rugby league, you can browse or search a web directory. Web Directories help provide a smaller set of information only showing complete websites. Also NZSearch allows you to search the descriptions and keywords that people have submitted, rather than the content on the pages themselves.

For more in-depth help and information on how to get the best from the SearchNZ Search Engine, please visit our help page